Building & Design

Oceanside will be a unique place to live. Set amongst one of the most spectacular landscapes in Taranaki, Oceanside is an example of an ecologically sensitive settlement, where the planted environment combines with an integrated design approach to enhance the environment.

The character of Oceanside, for both architecture and landscape will be influenced by the unique environment and the vision for the built form to sit cohesively with the land. This will contribute to an aesthetic in keeping with the coastal setting – modern homes reminiscent of the rugged vernacular of the West Coast nestled amongst a framework of native planting.

The character of Oceanside Waiwhakaiho is shaped by:

  • Buildings with simple architectural form, drawing inspiration from simple structures complementary to the dramatic coastal setting;
  • Buildings nestled into the environment;
  • A natural palette of materials with recessive tones to blend with the landscape;
  • A strongly native plant palette derived from the surrounding environment and underlying ecology of the site.

While there is a requirement for new homes to be built in a style consistent with this character, there is scope for homeowners to express their own individuality. This is executed by tight controls on form, materials, landscaping, and site placement but the combination and expression of these elements can be unique. The Design Guidelines have been developed to protect the surrounding environment for all, while preserving and enhancing the value of your property. They are controlled by the Oceanside Waiwhakaiho Residents & Owners Association (OWROA) and are implemented through its Design Review Board (DRB). This review process is independent of Council consenting.

The Oceanside Waiwhakaiho DRB has the responsibility of assessing whether a project complies with the Design Guidelines and the degree to which it enhances the surrounding environment. It assesses proposals against overarching objectives and specific controls. In the case of some controls not being met the DRB has the right to approve a proposal if the objectives are met.

Design Objectives

  • To respect the views and privacy of other landowners within the Oceanside subdivision;
  • To respect the views from public spaces;
  • To maintain and/or enhance the character and quality aesthetic of the Oceanside subdivision;
  • To create homes that are sympathetic to and compatible with the character of the surrounding natural environment and are integrated into the landform including the promotion of raw materials and naturally recessive colours for external use;
  • To consider opportunities to minimize impact on the land, increase energy efficiency, conserve water, and reduce environmental impact and waste;
  • To incorporate design elements which will ensure articulated and varied frontages that will stand the test of time while minimizing bulk, scale, and avoiding large monotonous facades.

Construction and Habitation Guidelines

The resource consent requires the following of all landowners at Oceanside:

  • Only one home per lot
  • No fencing except subdivision perimeter fencing and approved pool fencing
  • All homes are to be erected within a delineated curtilage area
  • The maximum coverage area of all homes on each lot is 500 square meters or 80% of the curtilage area, whichever is lesser
  • No temporary or removable homes
  • No further subdivision of lots
  • Protective measures for silt and dust must be in place during construction
  • Membership and participation on a Body Corporate entity that maintains the privately-owned assets is required
  • Maintenance and care of the planting provided by the Developer (including NPDC inspections for the first 5 years)
  • Keep finished ground levels and building heights to maximum levels as prescribed
  • Not keep domestic cats
  • Ensure dogs are controlled within the curtilage area

These may be updated as the Development progresses. Please refer to the Resource Consent for further information.

Land Covenant

Design Board and Approval

Design Review Board

Building and landscape designs will be required to undergo approval from the Oceanside Waiwhakaiho Design Review Board (DRB). The DRB will be developed to maintain the quality aesthetic of the development by undertaking a robust and timely process for all design submissions. The DRB has the responsibility of assessing whether a proposed building and landscape design complies with the Design Guidelines and the degree to which it enhances the aesthetic and streetscape of Oceanside, particularly from the Coastal Walkway and neighbouring properties. This process will be independent to obtaining NPDC consent.

Once the design is complete, owners submit their applications for review by the DRB. The DRB will be made up of members with expertise in design, landscaping, and development. It is important that all new landowners and all Approved Designers review the DRB Process and Design Guidelines before any design work commences.

Approved Designers

The DRB will consider Design Approval Applications prepared by Approved Designers only. The following designers are currently Approved Designers for Oceanside Waiwhakaiho:

  • Approved Designers to be added in once approved.

To make an application to become an Approved Designer please contact Emma at emma@oceansidewaiwhakaiho.co.nz.